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Starlords text
Starlords Text

Starlords NFT - become the lord of the space and beyond

Key Features
Icon of uniqueness
Unique With Equity
Like a snowflake each space is unique but all are providing a similar experience in respect to their attributes. No unfair advantage. No special mints/versions rendering others obsolete.
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On Chain
Like a plant sprouts from the seed, your space sprouts from the data on the chain. No need for IPFS. All paramaters required for rendering its visuals are on the chain.
a lord
You Are The Lord
Your space is not just a simple asset you hold or sell. You can assign custom data to your space. Make a statement. Adjust Harmony parameters.* It's yours.
All spaces are forging ready having slots accepting other kind NFTs (not space). First tokens to forge with your spaces should be available with LTBL update.* Details will be announced later on.
Icon of extensibility
Thanks to dynamic on chain data each space and Starlords NFT holds, we can add and adjust functions based on community requests. And as data is publicly available on chain, you can even build your own dapp leveraging it.
Icon of 3d space
Interactive & 3D
Look around and move around - each space is a separate 3d environment. If you use a device with an acceleropeter, camera view of your space will use it automatically so you can look around more natively.
*NOTE: Harmony and LTBL are features/updates which will be unveiled after or during mint process.
Icon of future timeline
New features and updates will be announced when we are sure we can deliver them in the quality required. We are trying our best not to overpromise.
icon of stars and plus signs
This should be the first simple update adding NFTs which can be used to forge with your spaces. More details will be unveiled over time.
Icon of a mirage
NFT marketplaces may have issue providing trading of 3d environments as starlord's space. So we will provide png/jpg mirage of each space as quick preview displayable on marketplaces. In the meantime you can offer your space for sale within Starlords dapp.
Big Bang
Big Bang
Your spaces are born. Each space is minted by its owner directly to their wallet through the Starlords dapp.
Let your mind fly to the stars - each space gets support for relaxation mode. Your camera moves direction and speed you like. You can write these options on the chain so they take effect automatically when you start a relaxation session.
Big Bang
Beta Bang
Try Starlords on Tezos testnet - GHOSTNET and get a beta tester role.

Starlords gives all Tezos users (that are up to the task!) a chance to own and evolve their own star system. Each region of space consists of unique star arrangements and nebula clouds. Additionally, each region provides dynamic attributes that you can set and adjust (initial attributes will be introduced in the Harmony update).

Space is yours, so shape it to your image; the possibilities are truly endless. Become a Starlord and shape the future of the universe together.

Starlords has chosen the Tezos blockchain as a base due to its “Swiss Army knife” smart contract design and its resulting possibilities. We have also chosen Tezos because it embodies the principles of modern decentralisation through its on-chain and off-chain governance, as well as automatic, forkless upgrades. We believe Tezos has a bright future for many years to come and will adapt accordingly as time evolves. Much in the same way, we would like to shape and evolve Starlords alongside it.

Let’s depart, to space and beyond!